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    I want to run 3 sets of speakers for the pool and bar area and they will need to to be at different volumes.

    I have a Technics amp that will accomodate 2 pairs of speakers but they play at the same level.

    Any ideas?
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    The above unit lets you switch between alternate sets of speakers... I understand that you don't want to do this.

    Your amplifier has two independent outputs, so you will need to put the 2 sets of speakers by the pool on one output.

    IF your amp has an output suitable for 4-8 ohms, AND IF both speakers are 8 ohm, you can put 2 speakers in parallel on one output. Otherwise the speakers will have to be in series.

    This unit B-TECH|BT934|LOUDSPEAKER VOLUME CONTROL | CPC should be used between the other output and the bar speakers, to reduce the volume in the bar.

    You should be aware that your amp is not designed for what you are using it for, so whatever you do will be a little bit bodged.

    The correct way to do things is with a 100 volt line amplifier and 100 volt speakers - this equipment also avoids any problem with long cable runs - so maybe it's worth considering a system upgrade when funds allow, but in the meantime a bodge should sort it.
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    That's a good question. The amp probably won't like three pairs of speakers in parallel though you could try it. It'll probably be OK at low levels

    If you try three sets in parallel you'll probably find they pay at different levels due to different sensitivities. So move them to put the quiet speakers where you want it quieter

    You can reduce the level of speakers by building a simple voltage divider using resistors. You'll need wire-wound resistors capable of dissipating the power you're going to dump in them. If you put an 8Ω resistor in series with the speaker you'll reduce the level about 3dB and the load shown to the amp will be around 16Ω

    Pop down to your local Skaithos Maplin and buy some resistors... Or use some wire from an old electric heater. A 55 Watt car headlamp bulb is about 4Ω - you could use one but the resistance isn't linear with heating and they act a bit like a compressor

    Nick Froome

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