Speaking of resprays...

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May 19, 2006
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Ever since I purchased my Audi I have been less than happy with some nasty stone chips on the bonnet- There were about 5 large noticable ones and a significant "rash" over the rest of the bonnet and wingtops. I went to a bodyshop in Bristol to get a quote, and decided to respray the bonnet rather than touch it up, since it wasn't much more money

I am VERY pleased- For £280 inc. VAT(There was a bit of confusion over initial quote so should have been £320 ish) They totally resprayed bonnet and most of front wings, touched up ALL other minor dings around the car, gave it a full valet and gave me a courtesy car for 2 days.

Just come back from there and straight over to Ashton Court to take some pictures... Chuffed to bits. Until some moron dings it again. :mad: Will be VERY careful with parking from now on...

My car looks like new I reckon- Well worth the money.



Sorry about image size!
Nice one :rock: looks great :cool:
Nice car that Sam. Even better minus chips!! ;)
Ta! Hopefully now someone can buy it and I can get hold of a less sensible CLK! And if not, hey, I've got a shiny car! It still only owes me £9300- Surely someone will take it off my hands for £9500?!?!
Most stone chips come from driving to close to the car in front, to avoid the average stones you do need 5 car lengths, distance from the car in front, not always easy.
Hurry up and buy a Merc..:D
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