Specs Cameras On A77 near Prestwick

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Jun 1, 2002
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These have been installed , noticed them last night.

a77 partnetship said:
March 05 | Approval given for £775,000 investment in state-of-the-art road safety system
Funding has been approved for Scotland’s first SPECS speeding deterrent system to be installed on the A77.

SPECS is a digital safety camera system which enables a vehicle’s speed to be measured at various points along a stretch of road. It will aim to cut accidents on this route where 15 fatal accidents and 78 serious injury accidents have occurred between January 1, 1999 and May 31, 2004.

At a meeting on 16 March 2005, the Scottish Safety Camera Advisory Board voted to implement a pilot project for the SPECS system on a 46 kilometre stretch of the A77, from the north of Ayr to the south of Girvan. Work is expected to start in Spring 2005.
I noticed these too. They're ok if they improve 'safety' on the Ayr-Girvan section but I don't think they are neccessary on the dual-carriageway.

They'll be putting them on our nice new M77 Next!!
called origin , they added them to the database earlier this week

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