Speed tronic and ESP faulty

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Jan 21, 2017
Mercedes c220 cdi
Need some advice.
I recently had a wiper stalk replaced and after that I am getting 2 messages. 1. Speedtronic visit workshop 2. ESP faulty.
Garage I used tried resetting and erasing the messages but he said it is not going. Then he said probably there could be problem with steering angle sensor!!
It was all fine before he changed the wiper stalk.
Any idea what could he has done?
I have driven the car and it works fine. I have not tried using the cruise the control.
I don't think you can't use cruise with an ESP fault; it won't engage if you turn ESP off.

If they've tried to clear the fault codes at the garage, can they tell you what they codes were?
Have you wound the steering full lock <-> lock a few times ?

Did it ever work after the garage changed the wiper stalk? If not they didn't dis-assemble or re-assemble something properly (and could have damaged something)

The steering angle sensor, stalk, contact spiral are all screwed together and you have to lock the contact spiral to stop it rotating, remove the whole assembly and carefully de-construct it all to replace any of the components.



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