Speeding camera refunds

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Mr E

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Jul 22, 2004
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This must really hurt....... BBC News :D :D :D
It hurts me to think not only are the Police wasting their time, in MY opinion having a useful resource sat behind the camera in the first place, they REALLY were wasting the time for that individual, possibly all day for what looks like approx a 3 week period.

Frankly I would rather pay my taxes to have him teach bicycle proficiency in schools for a week, helping old ladies accross the road and generally wandering the streets (I know, it's a way out idea that won't catch on) than sitting in effect doing nothing at all! :devil:
Wonder if anybody was banned as a result of this? Somebody may be getting their a$$ sued!
fuzzer said:
emotional distress compensation ?
There's every chance that a number of drivers in that 1,100 will have got to 12 points and been banned. Might have lost jobs etc etc.
i hope they get their a$$ whooped in the courts ...

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