Spotted Brabus V12

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Nov 24, 2015
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So on my boring trip back from Sainsburys last night I poked my head back at a Merc that cought my eye, I only saw the rear and noticed Brabus and E V12 (think it was E but definately had Brabus V12).

Looked fantastic (obviously!) and wish I turned around to have another look.

Is this a rare sight? not sure was this a coupe or sedan.

Brabus launches V12 E-class | Autocar
unfortunately no picture but it was Sainsburys portswood, I would not normally buck my head backwards to look at a Merc on the way home from a grocery shop with the missus in front but knew this looked a bit different.

only 10 made I read? crazy. regret not driving back to have another look.
That's not value for money surely?

You could run a Nissan GT-R up to teens of BHP for £80k I seem to remember.

And don't call me Shirley.

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