Sprinter 208 "pinking" help needed

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Aug 21, 2016
sprinter 208
My first post so hopefully in the correct place
Recently replaced the fuel leak off valve ? At end of high pressure fuel line and all 4 injectors all was well for first few hundred miles then engine started to make a noise best way I can describe it is a pinking noise at first very low level but now after 3,000 miles starting to be worse. As I was on my way to Spain had to hope for best, returned now but going back in a few weeks, noise is worse when pulling hard or going uphill. My plan at the moment to buy one injector and swap them one at a time hoping that is the cause. Van runs fine better in fact
It's a self converted motor caravan 2002 vintage sprinter 208 cdi. Any ideas as going back with half of the house in van and trailer. Thanks
That's what I have been telling myself its only started after changing the injectors and as they were a recon set off ebay ? Mercedes wanted arm and leg, worried that one cylinder is running weak and may burn out piston top ( not the best thing to have on a French motorway).
Van has done 3000+ miles with no problem in fact seems to be pulling better not that a 208 could be described as pulling ever more moving slightly quicker !! Bob
Don't new injectors have to be 'coded' into the ECU with STAR so that they work correctly??
I wondered along these lines (more I wonder more I worry )
Have been thinking about getting the van re-mapped if that is right word as its not got a lot of power at best of times what would be the chance that it would improve / remove any problems.
almost sure that van will be ok as we ran for 6 hours + at 60 mph on the
French motorway a couple of months ago

Any good companies around Oprington Kent you could recommend.

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