Sprinter 316 CDI 2.7CDI Heater issue.

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Aug 14, 2023
East Yorkshire
Sprinter 316cdi 2002
Hi there... we have a 2002 316 2.7cdi Sprinter .
The heater when on cold, periodically runs warm.
I've changed the heater valve under the bonnet but it is still doing it.
The air con is also nice and cold and all works as it should, its the heater vents that warm up. It will run warm for about 10 mins, then goes cold again .
The temperature gauge is steady at 82 degrees and never alters, so this is also as it should be ..
Any ideas or pointers would be really appreciated.
I'm unfamiliar with the Sprinter.
But is there a mixer box under the dash.
I've seen where the flaps are driven by plastic gears, that wear.

In that case there was an after market kit for the repair.

This may help you see if there is

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