Sprinter DIY central locking kit?


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Aug 11, 2011
Sprinter 311 CDI

Has anyone had success fitting a central locking kit to a Sprinter?
I've been trying to fit an actuator kit to my 311 but am finding the front door mechanisms simply too stiff for the actuator motors to lock/unlock them. I've removed the door locks to ensure the mechanisms are greased and moving as freely as possible. The actuators are all working correctly (ie, wiring all good) and the linkage between the actuators and the lock pivot point is tight. So not sure what else I can do. It's possible the motors are just not man enough for the job. (Standard 5-wire & 2-wire actuators bought off ebay.)

Just wondered if anyone else has had more success. If so, with what actuator kit. Or am I flogging a dead horse with the kit I've got?

Thanks, Ian

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