Sprinter head gasket parts list

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Mar 20, 2016
South West, UK
Mercedes S320 W221, Mercedes E320 W211, Mercedes Sprinter 313 LWB, Mercedes Sprinter Minibus 515
Hi has anyone got an official list of required parts for a blown head gasket rebuild on a 2010 Mercedes Sprinter 313 CDi, it's my work van and I need to fix asap and want to do it myself so I know it's done properly without having to remortgage my house at a merc garage
E.Bay I have the same problem. Fixed it when I bought the van, cant seem to get the enthusiasm, to fix it again as the van is 19 years old now. still is a great runner, even with a blown head gasket, so as needs must priced all parts for it all from E.Bay aprox £100,dont rush and check feedback first.
Yes I know that, but try them for parts. PS make sure that you clean and I mean clean inside the head bolts, as they are TORQU BOLTS if any oil left they will ring off, then a problem getting them out.
So anyone with a list ?

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