Sprinter loss of power

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Sep 25, 2023
Penzance cornwall
Sprinter 311
Hi I have a merc sprinter 311 2.2 2001
Has suddenly lost power. On investigation I found the turbo actuator was faulty all vacuum being released via the breather. Replaced this but no change. There is no live to it at idle and turbo not kicking in. If I put vacuum direct to turbo there is an improvement. But hit a hill and slows down badly. It has no maf or egr only a map sensor which I've replaced with a new genuine one. Only code that comes up is fuel enrichment fault. It's also rev limited to 3500rpm while driving. Has anyone else had this situation?
Thank you any input would be greatly appreciated
It sounds like you've been troubleshooting a power loss issue on your Mercedes Sprinter 311 2.2 from 2001. While I can't provide a definitive solution, here are some steps you can take:

  1. Check for Air Leaks: Ensure there are no air leaks in the intake system, as this can cause a lack of turbo boost and power loss. Check hoses, connections, and the intercooler for leaks.
  2. Inspect Vacuum Lines: Verify that all vacuum lines are correctly connected and not damaged. Vacuum leaks can affect turbocharger operation.
  3. Verify Turbocharger Function: You mentioned that adding vacuum directly to the turbo provides improvement. This suggests a potential issue with the turbo wastegate or actuator. Ensure the wastegate is functioning correctly and the actuator is getting the proper signal.
  4. Fuel System Inspection: Since you're getting a fuel enrichment fault code, check the fuel system, including the fuel pressure, injectors, and fuel filter. Insufficient fuel delivery can result in power loss.
  5. Throttle Position Sensor (TPS): A faulty TPS can limit the RPM and cause power loss. Check the TPS for proper function.
  6. Exhaust Restrictions: Inspect the exhaust system for restrictions, such as a blocked catalytic converter, which can limit engine performance.
  7. Wiring and Electrical: Examine the wiring and connectors associated with the turbocharger, map sensor, and other relevant components. Electrical issues can cause performance problems.
  8. Consult a Professional: If you've checked these components and the issue persists, it's advisable to consult a qualified mechanic or a Mercedes-Benz specialist. They can perform advanced diagnostics, including live data analysis, to pinpoint the exact cause of the power loss.
Given the complexity of modern vehicle systems, a professional diagnosis is often necessary to resolve these types of issues effectively. They can use specialized diagnostic equipment to identify the specific problem and recommend the appropriate repairs.
I'm a qualified technician and mot tester of over 25 years experience. Using a solus today brought up more codes.
P1188 fuel pressure to high.
P1470 bost pressure controller, negative open circuit.
So guessing it the fuel quantity controller and a wiring issue with the boost pressure controller.

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