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Jan 17, 2008
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Hi All
Not posted for a while, been busy moving house, C230K estate has developed a really bad squeek from back suspension, will be having a look tomorrow whilst fitting new brake pads to front, any one experienced this on the 202? I'm sure i can find it but any pointers will help as driving to Holland next week and need a quick fix, i suspect shocks but don't know why they should squeek like they are doing, by the way last winter really made a mess rust wise, such a shame, despite 183000 miles she really runs well still and feels nice and tight, i don't drive it very often but always a pleasure when i do but that rust, i can't live with that i think she'll soon have to go.
Does it squeak when you "bounce" the back? If so it will be the shocks/rear suspension. May be through lack of use of course. If you have rear springs on your car they need greasing possibly.
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My 2000 CLK320 is doing the same on the rear drivers side. I just had a control arm changed as the rubber bushes had worn quite badly. It;s now doing the same thing again, but Olly down at PCS suspects another bush is going that the control connects to.

Got it booked in a week on Monday to get it looked at.

I reckon your;s will be something similar. Not too expensive.


Sounds like bushes to me too.

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