Squeaky folding mirror S / W211 ?

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Nov 8, 2014
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My driver's mirror squeaks badly when it folds and unfolds.

From memory I think it's an issue with a silly piece of trim within the mirror operation, not the actual folding arm of the mirror. But I'm loathe to take the mirror apart.

Others have said that PTFE lubricant, but not WD40, drenching the mechanism behind the mirror glass, can resolve the issue.

Any comments / advice from anyone who's had this problem?
Not so keen on drenching.
I would spray a little at the pivot points, movie in /out a couple of times, and repeat.
Not so keen on drenching.
I would spray a little at the pivot points, movie in /out a couple of times, and repeat.
Ditto - drenching seems to be asking for trouble. I've tried spraying at the pivot points, at least half a dozen times, and that hasn't worked.

I used to use silicone spray on my w211 . Seems a common issue . 👍
Mine started to squeak, then needed a bit of assistance from the passenger to fold and unfold before finally giving up altogether. The plastic case of the gearbox had broken and as a consequence bent the driven arm (whatever that's called).
I found you can buy the gearbox case for about £20, but I thought it would be less hassle just to buy a used mirror. Many sellers wanted close to £100, I got one for £50 in the end.

It wasn't long between the start of the squeaking and the failure, so don't ignore it or yours could go the same way as mine.
You can access the inner workings of mirror just by removing the cover. You only need a flat blade screwdriver, see here

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Tip, make sure you angle the glass inwards otherwise the cover gets caught on the inside edge of the glass and it won't slide off.
Hope you get sorted, mine both judder on the w205, i don't think thats right at all. Even with the squeak are yours smooth operating.
Silicon spray might do the trick 🙂👍

On a separate note, if any knows what might be causing my mirrors not to fold unfold with the remote keyfob, please let me know. Problem began when I put in a new battery. The mirrors fold unfold manually when I press the button on the door card. I have tried the comfort settings on the dash, no joy and checked the fuses on the side dash, all seem good.
There is an official clear film sticker available from the dealer to fix this noise for good. Will post up part number later.
The film solution is alright but still squeaked a little, I got them from MB.

But I hate the look of the pre-facelift wing mirrors, so changed them out for the facelift ones.
Closing this one - for 2023 at least - drenching with GT85 seems to have resolved the problem, back in September, without pulling the mirror mechanism apart.

Many thanks to the Collective Hive Mind.
For future reference Mike -- its the sealing rubber where the mirror folds into the body. I use some bilt hamber ferrosol lubricant sprayed into the lid and a detailers q-tip -- they're firm, fuzzy and angled so that I can run the tip along the inside of the rubber where it rubs against the hard plastic case of the mirror.

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