SRS / pass air-bags for S Class W140 ...


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Sep 6, 2003
S280 '97 P reg
Hi, we own a '97 P plate S280 which has a pass SRS/Airbag. Our problem is we will soon need to carry a rear facing child seat for a third child and we would have preferred to put this in the front.

From earlier brochures I own it appears that from launch until some date the pass SRS was optional, does anyone know when the option became mandatory?

Secondly, I've been advised that some MB's have a dashboard light which comes on to show the MB child seat has deactivated the SRS. Again, does anyone know whether the W140 range in the last few years (ie 97-99) had this.

Otherwise my wife will be driving around in the B@W 7 series we own, rather than the MB! ! !

Thanks for your help


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