Stance and stretched tyres

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Aug 12, 2010
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Obviously people will always tune new cars up regardless whether it's an individual or a company and I realise that in the euro-scene everyone is trying to put the widest wheels on with stretched tyres but does it suit a Mercedes?

Had a rather enthusiastic old friend tell me it would look great on my E-Cabrio at Autosport over the weekend at which point I laughed at him but he insisted I looked in to it as it would "change my life" :dk: as he had 10J wide wheels on the front of his Golf with a 215 tyre stretched and it "runs fine" :crazy:

Now having briefly looked into it and laughing some more found these interesting pictures of a Carlsson W212 with some nice BBS splits and Brembos so wondered what everyone thought of it....







I can't say I will ever consider doing anything like that because it's not my cup of tea, I do want to space the rears 19s a bit more though but a bit more to me is 5mm from the current 3mm so hardly drastic and would consider a drop on coilovers but again I won't be sitting it on the floor just a little lower - 1" maybe. I've read pages and pages on how there is very little room inside the arches on the E-Coupe/cabrio so I'm very weary on what to do there.

Can you actually drive a car around when it is so low like that surely it will catch when turning or going over a bump?
Can you actually drive a car around when it is so low like that surely it will catch when turning or going over a bump?

That car is most likely riding on air ride suspension... height lifts up when driving...
When I see domething so modified from standard it makes me think they bought the wrong thing in the first place. Aren't there Nissan GTRs for that type of thing? Or is it at this point I get lectured that that would be too easy etc, etc, no challenge etc, etc? (Too much time on your hands - donate some of it to a charity).
Anything that sacrifices a cars performance just for looks is not for me.

I bought a car to enjoy the driving experience and for transport freedom.

If I wanted something to show off I would have bough a ming vase :D

I've never been a big fan of the "oooooh look at me" brigade :thumb:
As tasteful as a tattoo on your forehead.
It looks crap.

End of.
I thought after I'd posted that it may well be an airmatic equipped car but then if it is would electronically lowering it make the camber be as it is? maybe I'll get the GL plugged in and see.... kidding!

I've had a look on stance nation and some of the cars on there are just unreal I have no idea how the owners can physically drive them..

Stretched tyres though surely they don't match the acceptable load ratings? We don't have brilliant roads in the UK, well round my area they aren't so surely driving a car on stretched tyres with ridiculous amounts of camber would make the tyres wear unevenly and potentially blow out over a harsh bump?
I like modified cars but that specific picture with that wheel/drop combo isn't making my daisy's grow
Just found this pic > wide enough ? lol

This is actually owned by Mercedes Stuttgart and I had the pleasure of driving it over there.

There's quite a few cars round here running that slammed/stretched look. You can spot them easily, they're the ones holding up the traffic because they have to take every bump or speed hump at walking pace to avoid ripping the bottom of the car off or smashing up those expensive wheels :D
Not a great fan of the style of wheel but the overall look is very cool indeed.
If the W212 was a little higher without the stickers I think it would look better.
Spacing the rears out makes the wheels look better in my opinion, I’ve 15mm spacers on the rear of mine. They looked lost under the arches before.
He'll shudder to a stop when he hits his first hedgehog :D
I normally like naff

but those look impractical which is another thing altogether.
They will have air ride so the suspension is adjustable. Thats only the parked look

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