Standalone Satnav

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Dec 19, 2023
C250 estate

I have 2012 C250 automatic with I can't seem to get a standalone Satnav to work in. It doesn't seem to be able to find GPS signal.

I have a GPS test app on my phone which seems to show a good signal and gets a 3D fix, but then what seems very odd is when I put the key in the ignition the signal disappears. I don't even need to turn key for this to happen when I remove key the signal then returns within 10seconds.

Anyone got any idea what is happening, thanks
Anyone got any idea what is happening
Something in the car's electronics - and I know not what - is creating interference (RF noise) that causes the GPS receiver to lose the GPS Satellite signals that allow it to gain a positional fix.

Do you have a dashcam or other accessories in the car?
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^^+1 for a dashcam or noisy phone power supply.
Try unplugging anything that is plugged in to fag lighter/usb.
Some RF interference most likely. Weird that insertion of the key causes it though. Do you have a second key to try? Could be a low key battery issue if your ignition charges the key? I’m not really sure what else to suggest that’s not been mentioned, sorry mate.

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