STAR SDConnect C4 and Dell D630 Diagnostic Tool

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Mar 26, 2014
West Yorkshire
2007 CLS 500, W114 280CE (resto)

As I will be Mercedes-less in the near future due to a company car, I have decided to sell my SDConnect C4 Multiplexer and Dell D630 Laptop. I have had this a few years now and it is a fabulous bit of kit. Saved me hundreds, if not thousands of pounds diagnosing faults and tweaking the cars codings, adaptations etc. It comes with all the connectors for various ages of Mercedes. I have only used the big round one which I have used on W210 Diesels and the standard OBD connector on more modern cars.

The laptop is quite old and slow now, but it does the job. It takes about 7 minutes to boot up fully, but is fine once loaded up. The battery lasts about 30 minutes, so I normally just keep it plugged in.
I think the software loaded on is a 2015 edition which will obviously do cars up to that year.
I believe the Multiplexer is wifi enabled however I have always just used the green ethernet cable that comes with it.

If I were going to get another Mercedes, I would definitely keep this set up and just buy a new SSD with the latest software on, which can be used on any laptop nowadays not just dells and ibms etc. I can advise where to purchase this if needed.

If you want to see it working, that is no problem, I live in North Shields area and available Friday- Sunday to give you a quick demo. Any questions just drop me a PM.

I think £300 is a fair price.

Thanks for looking,

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Now sold. Thank you

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