Starter breakdown

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Jan 30, 2017
S320 cdi
2009 W221 S320 CDI, 26000 mls.

Gentlemen, I had to be transported home last night. Symptoms : Turn the key, everything lights up ok on the dash. Turn the key to start -- nothing. No sound from the starter or solenoid and no slight dimming of the dash lights. The battery and auxiliary battery are brand new. Hopefully it could be something as simple as a fuse, but I looked at the fuse sheet and it doesn't mention one. Anyone know if there is one, and if so, where it is situated ? Any info gratefully grabbed at !

Had to have it taken to my local indy. Replaced the starter relay. If I'd known where it was, I could have done this myself !!
Does anybody out there have a diagram that names the relays and where they are situated ? It would be very useful. Thanks, Glyn

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