Starter Issue on SLK200

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Jul 14, 2020
slk 200
Hi, I am new to the forum and like many I guess the first reason to join was to solve (hopefully) an issue. I have a 2003 SLK. Three years of no problems at all. However the car won't engage the starter. Green Flag guy very helpful and attached seperate feed direct from the battery. The starter did now turn but the car wouldn't start. he left it at that so unless I can work out the error it will go to the local garage. I don't know if there is a relay for the starter? Given he managed to get the starter to turn over that suggests electrical fault? He thought maybe the wire he used was to wek, hence it turned but withough enough force? Any ideas appreciated.
Can anyone tell me if there is a relay for the starter in the box next to the battery please.
Hoping that someone may have an idea on this issue as its driving me nuts! Whn i turn the ignition radiator fan kicks in but starter doesn't crank. I have looked at K40 module and soldered 2 points that someone advised could be the issue but there is no change. Any ideas please?
I'd be inclined to have a local MB specialist put it onto STAR and see what codes show up.
Tring to avoid the cost. As I can't drive have to pay£80 approx for a tow. May take it to loacl garage because they are good but uncertain if they feel confident with a Merc and codes can be misleading. Am in SW also, nr Bath
There is a Relay Control Module located next the battery, I know this can cause issues with cranking and starting on the SLK R170 320. Not sure if it is the same for 200 and 230.
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Is your car a late R170 or an early R171?

The reason for asking is that the R171 got the M271 engine which is notorious for its timing gear issues. A bent valve might cause the engine to behave the way it did.

Obviously if it's not the M271 engine then this isn't the issue.
Sounds like a k40 relay I'd be inclined to get another to try or get to a decent indy who has knowledge of these earlier mercs

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