Starting / relay issues

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Dec 5, 2023
Hello ; I’ve got a 2008 c220, it’s been a great car with trouble free motoring for last 4 years , until the day !
I drove it 150 odd miles over the weekend , no issues , stopped at the petrol station to refuel then it wouldn’t start , all lights on dash ok was almost like it Immobilised itself , called AA they came out did a few tests plugged it in etc , then he wiggled the relays and it started ok ,’ there is your problem , that relay there , get yourself a new one ‘ , so off I went , drove home 50 odd miles , no issues , got home turned it off then tried to start and same thing wouldn’t start , so I get a relay , replaced it and started ok , that was easy ( but I knew it wouldn’t be that simple ) , left the car overnight came out in the morning and the rear lights were on ( hadn’t been on all night as I would have seen them ) , car wouldn’t start , I swapped relays over and it started , strange !!
I’ve replaced 2 relays and it will start and run , turn it off and won’t restart , swap relays and it will start again , left for a few hours came back and rear lights on and won’t start
Could be a S A M problem ? Star diag session may give you some clues.

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