Steering is hard/stiff 220 cdi

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Jan 23, 2017
Mercedes benz c class 220 cdi
Power steering problem. The steering wheel is a little hard when you turn left or right plus you got to turn it back yourself. I have checked the fluid and tyre pressure I have also had the pump changed but its still the same. Can any help my here please. I'm sure it's suppose to be smooth. It's a 2007 220 cdi coupe .

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Yes only 1 month ago mate

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Get the tracking checked.
My 211 was the same until it was sorted.
jose88440 said:
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The reason for asking is because my S203 was exactly the same but I put it down to the nature of the car having never driven another. It wasn't until recently when I had to replace a track control arm (the forged steel one) that I realised they were a different length to the replacement part.Having then checked it to an OEM part I realised both sides were wrong.(perhaps off a 202 I don't know.)Having now fitted a pair and retracked the car by a mile it self centres perfectly And the ride is a lot better as well as the steering. I posted before Christmas about this and how to check. Have a look at W203 lower front arm in wheels ,tyres and suspension. You will need to retrack at the same time!!
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The car has sports suspension to. I had a guy today saying it could be the angle sensor he said. He will plug it on the computer to see tomorrow hopefully that will be it. If not I will just have to wait till my day off to check that mate. Thanks guys

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If it's the angle sensor you'll get a light on the dashboard i.e. If you're going straight and the steering isn't. The bottom arms are the same for all models regardless of spec.

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