Steering wheel mount for Car driving games Xbox etc

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  1. A210AMG

    A210AMG MB Club Veteran

    Mar 15, 2007

    I'm gradually getting a Christmas present to myself sorted...

    I Have the Xbox 360, couple of games (Forza and Dirt 3) then the official Xbox steering wheel the older one thats quite wide with force feedback.

    I'm pretty much only ever going to use the machine for driving games. Don't get me wrong I love the proper racing seat set ups but I'm going to have NO chance of getting that past Mrs A210 given the size etc.

    So I'm looking at making a mount or something such as these which seem to get good reviews. Ideally smallish and foldable to store under the stairs etc.

    Wheelstand Pro Review | - UK Online

    Fanatec Gameshop

    does anyone use one, something else, made one.

    Group buy anyone?

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