Steering wheel shakes

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Sep 23, 2014
Mercedes C220 AMG Sport
I've got a C220 2013 model for about a year now, and never had any problems with it but over sudden when I am driving and as I reach 30mph the steering starts shaking!!! Any ideas? Please?? Thanks in advance.

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Wheels need balancing

The most likely reason is that the (front) wheels are out of balance.

A quick visit to your local, decent sized, tyre specialist will confirm / resolve, for not very much money.

Obviously you will have already checked / noticed whether one of the tyres is lower than the other, so it's not that....

Don't leave it too long - that vibration will be damaging your tyres and your steering.
Thanks for your reply. I've noticed that the off side front tyre is almost the end of the legal limit but all other three tyres are almost new.

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That's probably effect rather than cause, but almost certainly the wheel that needs attention.
Thanks everyone.

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