Stereo linked to main CPU ?

Discussion in 'Electronics' started by Cool Mart, Dec 4, 2008.

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    Oct 22, 2006
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    S430, Marcos Mantaray 4.6

    Recently had some work done to my S430 that required the removal of one rear door. The garage refitted the door but didn't have the correct issue software to reset the main CPU (to let it know the door has been put back on !) so I'm getting an SRS airbag warning and the soft close isn't working on that door as well as a couple of other door related faults. I'm sure that these faults will be corrected when the garage upgrades its software but something else has gone awol ..... the sounds !

    The stereo/CD/Sat Nav all light up fine in the console but nothing comes out of the speakers (as if the mute button had been pressed) Now when I oiked the amp/CD assembly out of the boot in the corner where the work was done, there was some moisture in the bottom of the tray and the cloth wrapped loom felt damp. This may just be a co-incidence or it may be water ingress that's caused the problem, but before I pay to have the amp investigated I wanted to ask if anyone knows if the CPU is in any way connected to the amplifier/stereo for any reason, and if you think the CPU reset might cure the problem ?

    On another note, any idea how much a new BOSE amplifier would be ?

    Thanks in advance

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