Stolen Noble M12 - please help


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Jul 21, 2002
Copied from the Rover forum - lets see if we can help a fellow car nut out

Just had a phone call from someone who owns a workshop next to me, oh shit;

taken from my workshop in Dore, Sheffield sometime between 8.30 last nitght abd 9 this morning;

unregistered noble M12 GTO taken, theres no front clamshell, radiator or brake servo and the rear mounted intercooler isn't on it either.

it's also on a brand new chassis with one-off Proflex dampers and 19" Image split rims.

Inside it has Reverie carbon seats, steering wheel and gearnob and purple alcantara dash, door cards and carpet. the centre console isn't in it.

body colour is Morrello Purple (rover colour) and is brand new paint.

i'll post all the appropriate build numbers later when i dig them out but please please please keep your eyes peeled for my baby, its worth a lot of money.

anyone with information leading to its recovery will recieve a substantial reward, and the fcukers that took it will recieve a battering

thanks again


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bigrct said:
some good (i think) news on it though, apparently at around 3pm today a similar car was seen by a friend of mine going southbound on the M1 between junction 18 and 17. she said it wasn't covered up on the trailer and is pretty certain it was mine so the police have been informed but i haven't heard any news since :(

my bodyshop have got some photo's of it when they finished the paint so i'll put them up 2moro so peeps have a better idea.

Please keep your eyes open lads - the more people who are looking the greater the chance of getting it back - and seeing thieves battered !



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Apr 19, 2004
Tamworth, Staffs
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not hard to spot will keep eyes peeled have seen blue not Purple.. a few in Staffs let us know if u hear any news...

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