Strange Brake Issue!!

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May 27, 2012
2012 Range Rover Sport
Afternoon All.

I have an E270CDI estate, to which i have fitted E63 8pot/4pot calipers. All has been good for 3 years, no issues, but just recently, as the car is coming to a stop, the car seem to stop erratically!! The only way i can describe it, is asif i only had half a disc, so it seems to grab/release/grab/release etc. I first suspected warped discs so got discs/pads changed. Problem did jot go, so got discs/pads done again, different brand etc, but no luck!! The problem seems to be coming from the front, drivers side, but i know with brakes, its sometimes difficult to pinpoint which corner is the problem.

Could this be sticking pistons??

Has anyone, with the same brake setup had this issue? I am gonna get front calipers removed on Wednesday, & get them to a Brembo repair centre at Siverstone, but thought i would throw it out there, for any advice.

Cheers All,
It does sound like sticking pistons.
You've certainly got enough to stick!

Often changing the pads makes it worse unfortunately as you are pushing the pistons further back into the calipers.

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