Strange fault with Mercedes VITO instrument cluster?

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Apr 9, 2015
Mercedes S320 CDI Auto
Hi guys,
I was wondering if anyone could possibly help me with an electrical fault on my 2000 Mercedes Vito 112 CDI?
It has recently developed a strange fault with the instrument cluster:
With the ignition off, and the key out of the car, there is this constant noise from the cluster. I could best describe it as that sound a PC printer makes when you first turn it on, and it’s preparing for use. The clock set makes this noise constantly, and as it is doing this, all of the needles (speedo, rev counter, temp and fuel gauges etc) flicker and jump along with the noise. Also, the odometer display flashes on and off with the sound. It’s almost as though the power is constantly being flipped on and off.
This continues constantly, and does eventually drain the battery if left long enough.
When the ignition is turned on.. the battery light comes on, but initially no other warning lights are illuminated. But, they then all begin to flash on and off intermittently, along with this sound.. as I described before.. it’s just as though someone is flipping the power to the instrument cluster on and off.
Once the vehicle is started.. the speedo and rev counter do operate correctly, but the temperature gauge continues to flicker at the bottom of the scale.. and that noise continues.
I’ve scanned the ECU, but with it being an older vehicle, there isn’t really much information available. The only fault code which I thought could possibly be a suspect was ‘P0600 CAN’, but this may be absolutely nothing to do with the issue.. I’m really not sure?
I’ve also removed the instrument cluster from the vehicle.. that strange sound is definitely coming from within this unit.. and I then stripped the back off to take a look at the internal printed circuit. There are no visual signs of damage or overheating, but I’m obviously not sure if any of the components have become faulty.
So I’m kinda suspecting that it may either be a fault within the instrument cluster itself, or possibly an issue with the control module, or whatever it is which supplies the signal to the clocks.
I’d be very grateful if anyone could offer me some assistance with this fault, as I’m not much of an auto electrician, and so I’m rapidly running out of ideas to move forward.
Thank you in advance for your time, it is very much appreciated
There are some businesses which carry out cluster repairs - perhaps give one of them a call to see what they think?
I've got w638 speedo which I've bought as a spare. When I've connected it, wasn't working at all until one day, out of the blue ,caught up.
You can have it for postage. Don't need it anymore, but might work for you (no promises).

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