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Oct 2, 2020
United kingdom
Vito w447
Hi guys I’ve got a Vito w447 and have a bit of a knocking/rattling noise I get coming from front drivers side when driving over uneven ground at low speed, you can also feel it through the steering wheel. Had it into merc as under warranty(just) and they changed bearings on shock absorbers and wish bones as far as I know but the noise was still there. It’s been back in and now they’ve changed the steering column or some parts of it but still that noise is there I don’t actually think they know where noise is coming from so they’ve just changed what they think it might be. Has anyone else had a issue like this and if so what was the outcome/repair. Also any other advice is welcome as it’ll be going back in again and it’s already been off the road 7 days and can’t afford to keep having it off the road as they won’t supply me with a courtesy vehicle😤


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Jan 13, 2020
w212 E350 CDI 125th Anniversary Edition
Hi, welcome.

What is the age and mileage?
Does it spend its life on smooth motorways or being hammered down country roads and driven on to building sites?
Have you had your tracking checked? If not, get it done (usually find somewhere free) and report back the findings.

Typical suspects for any of this would sort of thing would be steering rack and anything suspension related or with a rubber bush.
Control arms, or any suspension arms. Drop links. Anti roll bar bushes.
If one is worn, the rest won't be far behind.
Possible wheel bearing serious degradation, but if it's clunking, then I would have thought they where knackered and would easily be checked by wiggling the wheels via an MOT style check.

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