Strange Tyre Wear on 2003 E/W211 with Goodyear Eagle 245/45/17 95W MO

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May 26, 2004
W211 E320 CDI Avantgarde
Guys, looking to see if anyone has had issues with tyre wear on W211 with Goodyear 245/45/17 MO (8.5Jx17 OEM alloys).

OSR tyre worn on inner edge but one third of it has inverted quarter wear down to canvas, other three quarter looks OK. Tyre has travelled approx 30K miles but tread wear on flat is still good at around 3mm and no real wearworn on inner edge to suggest alignment issues. On replacing this one I asked for fronts to be checked for balance and NSF has worn the same. This has done around 21K miles and again tyre wear is even across tyre width and no wear on edge, tread depth around 3.5 mm across whole tyre.

I've been doing high miles and motorway speeds.I was wondering if tyre was wearing at the extreme edge but it doesnt appear to be and if tyre has got hot and then melted/malformed to cause this issue only on one part of the tyre?

Any ideas. Attached picture of rear tyre edge, but same on front.


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If those are rears it could be under-inflated. If its a front tyre then u could have balancing/alightnment issues or possible also an inflation issue.

30K miles and your complaining? Don't be greedy is my advice.

Seriously though 30K is well good for 17" Tyres. I can get that out of Vredestien Sportrac II's with feathered edges on rear and was content with it.

Thanks guys.

BTW: I'm not complaining about the tyre mileages. It was a statement of fact - bloody good all things considered, it was just the way in which it has worn that appeared odd. I would have expected the waer pattern to be even around whole circumference not limited to around a third.

Things I've done:

1. Tyre pressures checked every two weeks - running at 30PSI front/32PSI rear - per label behind fuel filler cap - is that right for 245/45 OEM tyres?

Q'n can anyone advise what tyre pressures they're running at for 245/45/17 on W211?

2. Did check bodywork at that's what it looked like - nothing shiny, all clear, nothing rubbing

3. Front ball joints changed last year - resulting in 4-wheel alignment by Mercedes Sept last year.

4. Returned from Merc yesterday - All shocks and springs, bushes all fine.

Rear alignment wrong and both front camber/caster wrong. They told me that last time the rear was adjusted first and then the front. Then added re-adjustment of the front caused rear to be out. Weird thing is I've not hit anything or dropped in a pothole or run over anyone/anything. What they have done is added additional bolts to the suspension alignment points. Apparently from factory there's one bolt, they've now added two and re-set the car up. We'll see how it goes!

Thanks again

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The wear is definitely camber or camber/castor roll over... Do you have any printouts from the Geometry you can display or email me?
Also Looks like the wear you get when the tyre rubs on the top front ball joint.


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