Strong money for an SL55 F1

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Especially as buyer has to also pay a buyers commission of 10% on top of the hammer price!!
Love the colour - but then I would say that wouldn't I.

Non-OEM brake light - I still want one of those.

Looks like a nice example.

Shame it is registered one day after the cheaper vehicle tax.
That is an OEM brake light , was fitted on the Sl63
Do these have the same running costs/issues as the E55

Might be a nice car for the summer!

What kind of money is a good "regular" E55
The car in the OP is an F1 spec car (uprated power, brakes, different front bumper and one or two other tweaks). These command a premium over the standard SL55s.

The cars in your links apart form the one in North Yorkshire are 2003/2004 spec cars and have an older Command system with CD based nav and one or two other differences like the centre console etc.

In 2005 (late 2004) the cars were slightly facelifted and the boot seal issue is less prevalent with these. The car was facelifted again in 2007 with a different grille, sills, interior tweaks etc.

Common issues are the ABC suspension system (pump, valve blocks, struts) which is expensive to repair properly, SBC failure (was done under recall, but no longer) - expensive, baffles in the fuel tanks coming loose - expensive, boot seals leaking taking out the electrics in the rear of the vehicle - expensive to do right, corrosion on rear window bottom lip that can cause leaks - needs new window or a good independent to remove, refurb and re-install and rust on rear arches although this is relatively rare. Oh and creaking roof - lubrication sorts most of it.

Aside from that the cars are bombproof LOL!

That said it's one of the best looking cars on the road IMO!
I find that these type of cars seem to have less
problems when garaged , the ones kept out side
suffer more leeks due to debris blocking rain channels ect .
Next summer when we are moved out of London I will be buying one of these!
That is an OEM brake light , was fitted on the Sl63

Ah OK. I meant more it wasn't fitted to those as standard although I do recall the OEM version now as you state.

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