Sub in CLS boot

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Apr 19, 2008
1984 280CE W123 (Garage queen); 2016 CLS 350d (daily)
I have an Alpine PWE-S8 underseat sub laying idle, and I'd like to fit it into the boot area of my 2016 CLS estate (X218). The car has the basic, underwhelming, sound system that as far as I can tell is four door speakers and two shrieking tweeters (another day).

Ive seen similar subs fitted into the left storage cavity on a broadly similar E class, so that's the target. There's a battery under the boot floor for easy access to power - but before I start pulling interior panels off, does anybody know if I can expect to find any audio signal wiring back there? Either speaker level or line level is fine, but I'd prefer not to have to find a route to the rear door speakers.

The sub:


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