Subtle vibrations - W210 E320 CDI

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Mar 2, 2016
Newcastle upon Tyne
2001 Mercedes E320 CDI (W210) OM613
Right so I had a 4 wheel laser alignment done on my car couple of weeks ago, before this was done I had a nasty vibration coming through the steering which was at speeds 60+ mph. The wheel alignment definitely got rid of this as it is a lot better now.

I don't know if I am over thinking this but I feel there is still a subtle vibration at highway speeds. I spent a few miles testing this out and it's nice and smooth on roads with fresh tarmac, however the other 90% of the motorways and dual carriage ways i feel this subtle vibration.

The tyres I currently have:
Nexen N8000 235/40/18 Fronts
Pirelli P zero 265/35/18 Rears

From what I've gathered by doing a few google searches is that the tyres could be the culprit, so what do you people reckon. My front tyres have only covered around 500 miles and the vibration does seem to come from the front.
You haven't said if you have got the tyres re-balanced. I would do this first and then look to worn suspension components.

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