Successful DIY Aftermarket Pioneer AVH 4200DVD Install


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May 16, 2011
2003 E320
I wanted to thank everyone who helped me answer my questions regarding my install. I have never installed a radio and amp before, let alone on a Mercedes with Audio 50 which has fiber optics.

Since I installed it, I was able to minimize the total cost to about $580. I bought everything through Amazon so I was able to save on tax and shipping.

Pioneer AVH 4200DVD - $342.00
Rockford Fosgate Amp Kit - $35.00
MB Quart Onyx 4.60 - $88.00
Monster 4 Channel Interconnect Ultra Low Noise - $29.00
Dash Kit - $84 Including Shipping from UK

The whole install took 5 day, but part of the delay was waiting for my amp kit that took 3 extra days. I think I would have finished in 2 if not for that delay. I ran all the wires underneath the drivers steering column inside by all the fuses, and around the driver side / rear driver side door sills. It looks clean as if nothing was ran through.

Everything works perfectly, CD, DVD Movies, ipod, SD card. The only thing that I am not sure about is the antenna. I bought a fakra connector to regular ISO radio antenna adapter, but I not sure how to power it, since the antenna is in the windows and need to be amplified. When I have time, I'll figure it out, but if you guys know, please let me know.

Again, thanks for everyone's support.


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