Sudden burst of heat

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Sep 3, 2007
Alfa 156 1.8TS
On the way home for Saturdays GTG and again tonight the CC decided to treat me to a sudden burst of full heat on the drivers side only (passenger side was still nicely chilled). Shortly after I noticed it, it subsided - without me touching the controls.

I can see that perhaps the in-car temp had dropped a little too far at that point so the CC decided to mix in some warm air - but full heat for less than a minute seems a bit extreme.

Could this be the first signs of a stickly duo valve i.e. valve sticks closed, CC tries to open it to get a little heat, but it doesn't move so tries to opens it futher until such point that it suddenly opens it all the way and blasts me with heat. At which point the CC shuts the valve off pretty quickly as the in-car temp rises.

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