sudden rise in revs


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Jul 10, 2014
2001 w220 320cdi
Hi all

We have just sold our c class estate and bought a 2000 ML270CDI for both the 7 seats and to tow our horse trailer and whilst driving have noted a bit of a problem.

Every now and again we can be driving steadily down the road at say 1500 revs and the Rev counter will shoot up to 3000 revs for a second before returning back to the original amount?

It's not a kick down and the speed of the car doesn't increase just the revs. Not sure if it's like a slipping clutch on a manual car.

I have the car booked into Mercland on Thursday for a gearbox service as I don't know when it was last done and can ask them to put it on the star to see if it shows any faults

Has anyone cone across this before. I have thought about faulty mag but not sure if it is engine or gearbox related



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