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Nov 21, 2003
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I recently needed to have some suspension work done on the E Class, and for the first time in this cars history elected to use an independent instead of an MB dealer.

So I called Alex Crow - a Mercedes-Benz specialist based in Stowmarket, Suffolk - and he managed to slot me in within a few days.

On arrival he immediately diagnosed the exact problem (lower ball-joints failure) and replaced accordingly the same morning.

It went back in yesterday for some other work I needed to get done, and I also got him to change the automatic transmission fluid at the same time. I was not present at the time however during the procedure, Alex noted that the pilot bush 'O' rings were leaking slightly and as this part is relatively inexpensive, he just used his initiative and replaced the bush. On collecting the car he went to great lengths to show me the old one he had removed and explain the catastrophic results that could have potentially occurred if the ATF tracks up the wiring loom to the gearbox ECU - many threads on here about this issue :eek:

Throughout both visits, Alex showed 100% commitment, professionalism, knowledge and kept me informed at all times on progress. His rates are extremely competitive and his workmanship first-class - which is reflected in the spotless workshop he runs :thumb:.

I have no hesitation whatsoever in highly recommending Alex to anyone looking for a good indie in East Anglia. His contact details are: T: 01449 258185 / email:

Well done Alex, and thanks again. I'll call you when the car is due for it's next service (hopefully not before :D).


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Nov 29, 2002
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Alex Crow is a very good knowledgable Indie and totally agree with everything said above, i use Alex on a regular basis now.

So far Alex has done\assisted with the following on my car

- Rear main oil seal - involved removing the gearbox
- Heater exchanger valve (Duo Valve)
- Assisted with Fuel pump replacements
- Lower rear suspension arm replacement
- Diagnosing and repairing an air leak on rear suspension

Always a pleasure to visit.

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