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Dec 2, 2014
Brabus Vito
Hi all, new boy on the forum just got me a 2014 flint grey sport x. Only thing not liking at the mo is the very small sun visors, as I sit low in the seat the visor dose not cut out the sunglare. The ones in my vivaro work van are perfect but will not fit the vito.Anyone know of anything that will fit and are a lot deeper? Ta. Done a little modding on the van stick up some pitures shortly. rexs
Sorry rexs, but have you tried a booster seat?;)

Not helpful I know, but welcome to the forum.
Hopefully someone will suggest something worthwhile.
Welcome to the forum. You are the second Sport X owner to sign up today!

As for the visor, I don't know of any direct replacements but seeing as they are not complicated things, how about buying a used set off Ebay (or breakers) just for the brackets and make some a bit deeper? Covering is easy with contact adhesive and either vinyl or vehicle lining material, the stretchy stuff. Cheap too.

Alternatively, have a peruse around the truck forums/shops for the green shades that clip onto sun visors, perhaps.

EDIT: Good choice of colour. All the best people have Flint Grey vans (like mine):D
Can you not just pump the seat up?
What about a pair of sunglasses?

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