Sunroof curtain fails on W207.

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Apr 24, 2012
Lillehammer, Norway
MB E350 cdi coupe w207
Hi, I own a Mercedes E350 cdi coupe, 2010 model. The car has a panorama sun roof. When I opened the sunroof yesterday and afterwards closed it, the Curtain was not rolled on to the holder as it should. The result is that the curtain no longer will come out when clicking the sunroof button. Visited my local Mercedes dealer today, and they said that the headliner had to be removed to get access to the curtain holder. I tried to get access to the holder and managed to tear out the curtain, but can't roll it proper back into the holder again. The sunroof itself functions as it should, therefore I won't use so much money only to get the curtain back in function. In Norway the dealer said that the job could take at least ten hours , that is 10 000 norwegian kroner, or about 1000 british pounds.
Does anyone know if it is possible doing this without removing the headliner ?
Pardon my poor english writing, hope it is capable of being understood.
10 hours is quite a long time, why do they think it would take so long?

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