Supercharger belt question

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Aug 10, 2014
2004 Mercedes E55 AMG W211 m113k
I've got a 2004 E55 w211 and just had the supercharger and auxiliary belt changed at a mb specialist, but since I've got it back it seems to idle a little higher and it also sticks a little when driving which is more of concern. So my question is could it be a coincidence or could doing these jobs alter the revs slightly ? if to say the belt was to tight or something? I'm not sure about doing the belt hence why I didn't try to change it myself :dk:
It's such a simple job it's hard to imagine anyone getting it wrong. The belts are a specified length so it would easy to realise a mistake when fitting the aux belt. The sc belt is so easy even my eight year old could do it.

I think your issue is elsewhere, take it back to your Indy.
Thanks for the replies guys.....
I was thinking the same but because I don't know the process of doing them I wouldn't know if it could cause it. The revs seem to be sticking a little as in, its idling a little higher than normal and when i drive it, say I'm going along at 30mph then let off the car should start slowing down... But it doesn't it carries on like its on cruise type of thing. Very baffling to be honest. :dk:
you cant really adjust the tension of the SC belt as tensioner does this, it can slacken if the tensioner is shot but wont over tighten.

sounds like a sticky throttle flap, mine did this and a clean of the throttle flap sorted it, its doing it again after a few years so its prob due another clean.

hope that helps
If its an electronic throttle could be a sticking throttle flap as suggested or a minor problem at the pedal end [ mechanical or electrical]
I did think throttle flap sticking but I recently changed the rockercover gaskets so i gave it a good clean why it was all off. So i ruled it out but i guess it's worth a check incase it is the problem. As I wasn't sure if changing the belts could do it i just wanted people's opinions guess it was just a coincidence it started after that.

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