Surf City Garage Black Edge.

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Jun 17, 2016
You'll need a passport to get over the Wall..
MB Vito 111CDi / W203 C Class Saloon 320CDi Avantgarde
..Two of my vehicles are black in colour - The Vito Is Carbon Black and the C 320 is Diamond Black..

Now, I can get them shiny - I use Autoglymn SRP followed by Autoglymn High Gloss then a coating of Meguiars Gold Class Carnuba Plus but for me I just can't get them to display that "Watery sheen" that other dark cars display. I accept that paints fade etc etc.. but I use a Porter Cable and Sonex Pads to restore the paint (along with Bilt & Hammer Clay Bar) it look shiny in the end but last week I saw a new Vito in the car park, in black and I kid you not.. the finish was awesome.. so much so that I thought the owner had left the rear door open.. instead it was a reflection of the building behind it..

Have any of you used the above? It looks to do a good job.. but I'm on the quest for that watery sheen...

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