Suspension faulty??

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Ian elder

New Member
Nov 19, 2016
c220d s205 estate
Hi guys just joined this forum we currently have just purchased a 2015 c220d estate amg line s205 chassis we have had car a month it has been back to our dealership for a fault but it still seems to have the same issue, when going over drain stanks or uneven joints the whole car seems to kick out at rear the dealership have checked it over found nothing wrong done four wheel alignment car has all matching Michelin tyres 225/45/18 front 245/40/18 rear as standard has had the same issue??? Any suggestions would be a big help thanks Ian.
Best thing to do is ask the dealer of you can test drive another car with same suspension setup then compare.
Presumably the dealer corrected the tyre pressures when carrying out the wheel alignment?

Do you know if it was the basic '4-wheel alignment' or the more comprehensive 'full geometry'?

And does the ESP light come on when this happens?
Said it was full comprehension alignment done and all tyre pressures set to correct pressures no warning lights come on many thanks also will try a other car the same set up just doesn't feel right, got it booked in to another dealership for a second opinion hopefully this can get sorted just wondering if anyone else had experience the same.
The key question would be if your car has developed a fault or is this just a characteristic of the AMG lowered/stiffened suspension - driving another car might help point you in the right direction.
I would also want to try a different tyre make, assuming that all pressures are correct. My C55 Wagon did not like Michelin and felt very skitty at the rear. Falkens are great on that car.
Will try and get a drive in another car the same specifications as our one thanks again lads..
Hi Ian

Had my S205 since June and noticed on a couple of occasions that the back can be a bit skittish. This only seems to happen when going round a tight turn - in my case, at a couple of small roundabouts in town.

I put it down to these locations being on the local bus routes, where it's quite a tight turn, where I imagine there's probably a bit of "churning" of the tarmac from the buses or other large vehicles?

I don't notice anything untowards in other locations and not enough of an issue to raise it with the dealership. I have Bridgestome Portenza runflats (same sizes as yours).

I didn't notice the same thing with my previous S204 BE Sport (Contis 17"). In fact, the S205 has a much nicer steering and ride, especially given the 204 used to suffer from the dreaded MB drifting to the left syndrome - despite several 4-wheel Hunter alignments).


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