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Discussion in 'Bodywork' started by Malc, Sep 16, 2002.

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    Jun 1, 2002
    This is a copy of a post I just put on the MB Owners Club forum. I'd welcome thoughts - esp. from V12 on whether he is likely to have the bits in question (Part nos 1263301443 & 1263301543)...

    "The independent Merc specialist I use tells me that I need to replace the 'knuckles' that bolt (via big rubber bushes) to the chassis and have a plastic ball joint in them (which is the assumed source of a rattle) that attaches to one end of a tie-rod. The other end of the rod is attached to the lower control arm. They look pretty substantial lumps of metal! The quote for the part from the local stealership is £215 apiece, so it will turn out to be a fairly expensive rattle to cure.

    I'm trying to find a cheaper source. I've already dropped an e-mail to DB Depot, which was recommended in an earlier thread - but I'd also welcome your opinions on fitting used parts.

    The ones on the car have done 105k miles, so it seems to me that it might be worth trying to find some that have done fewer miles and don't have play in the ball-joints - originals from a low-mileage car or replacements from a high-mileage car. There is a repair kit for the rubber bushes and bolts, which is probably advisable to fit.

    Any thoughts on whether second-hand is a sensible way to go?"

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