Suspension/steering bolts recall and car front tyres wearing on inside

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Feb 5, 2005
I took the car in for the recall late April 23. The car was bought brand new by me in April 2016. One careful driver
Mileage is about 21k

Got the bolts changed but taking it back home, noted it was pulling to the right and me having
to consciously straighter the steering.
Took it back two weeks later as it was the earliest the could see me, I thought they sorted it as it started to
drive straight again

This is my second set of tyres on the car since new

The previous 4 tyres Dunlops wore very evenly on all 4 tyres inc front and across the whole width. I caught a nail in one of the
tyres where it was not safe to repair so changed all 4 even though they had min almost 5mm left on them,

The new tyres wear well until the above, ie Mercedes recall. Since the 2nd visit for tracking, I think first days of May this year -
I think the cars been driven about 800 max 900 miles. Today I noted that the inner up to a quarter of the 265 wide tyres width was excessively worn out on both front tyres.

The car still drives straight and the back tyres have about at least 7mm across the whole width but the 2 fronts have about 7mm,, on threequarters but the insides are about 5mm if that.

I was pleasantly surprised when all 4 of the tyres wore out uniformly across witdths. I may be wrong but feel that MB got the car to drive straight but got the toe or whatever its call wrong. I am afraid of what to do next as I don't want to f up the straight driving but the tyres will cost a lot of money and should not wear out like that

My previous C classes always pulled to the left but the GLE drives pinpoint straight and steering pointing straight

I'm not sure if to contact MB as the second lot of tracking, was done early May but cars hardly been driven since ie 7/800 miles

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