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Feb 15, 2011
Canvey Island, Essex
A160 BRABUS Metallic Meteor Grey
As some or any of you may be aware, I bought a puppy in the Brabus, and sold it just before its imminent MOT Failure.

Went with dad to the suzuki dealership (as he was buying a swift) and bought a 1.0L 11 Plate Alto. Many different opinions on this car, but mine is as follows;

Looks good from the front, awful from the side, and comical from the back. Inside, it's basic, but exactly what I need. Runs like a dream, and doesn't drink too much petrol. Road Tax, £20 a yr, a whole £200 cheaper than the A Class. But heyyy, I love my little car, so thats all that matters.

But the biggest problem; The Suzuki Forums are possibly the most boring place to be on the www!!! .... I'm missing this place dearly!!!! .... Even the dutch forum is pretty dead and the Japanese don't seem to be able to understand me, even with a translator.

Anyway, just thought I'd pop back and say Hello again! :)
Dean , stay here mate.

You don't have to have a Merc to be a member , the discussion on here is top , and always good for a laugh.

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