T1N sprinter motor home


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Feb 11, 2017
Hi guys, 1st post.
I have a T1N 1996 sprinter motor home. I have had intermittent starting problems and recently it just cut out and rolled to a halt. It started immediately so quickly got it home.

It cranks over fine but the glow plug light does not operate and it will not start. Checking everything. Fitted new glow plugs. No start!

Tested the fuel stop solenoid with a jump cable to positive battery and it clicks. Remove jump cable and it does not click when ignition is switched on.

Tried starting with the jump cable to the solenoid and the glow plug light came on and it fired up straight away.

Canundrum! The solenoid works, but appears to not be powered up on ignition. Check continuity on cable back to connector just before the ECU and it is fine, no breaks.

Q. Where is the problem?

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