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Mar 5, 2009
2005 W215 CL500.
...was my anti virus on my lap top. I now have BT Infinity and use the McAfee system they provide.

I can't get rid of or uninstall the Talk Talk system...and it keeps popping up every 15 minutes to remind me to renew my sub...any ideas?
I've been advised that doing this might corrupt the winsock layer...whatever that is.:dk:
control panel/add remove programs should safely de-install.
Create a restore point first.
if all else fails, install and run Revo uninstaller (free) which will do a good job of forcing the uninstall and removing all traces from the registry.

Careful with changing the registry, back it up first to be sure.

[EDIT] you can get Revo and lots of other useful tools from (a great tried and trusted resource)
Registry? What's that? :eek:'s gone, using the suggestion by TED.

Thanks all.

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