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May 13, 2014
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:D Hi all, I desperately need to replace the satnav cd in my 2001 C220. I have the command 2.0 head unit and it uses the DX platform. The disc I have is the 2004 issue and I'm finding more and more that some of the routes on it are totally out of date. Anyone know of the best place to get a 2014 disc?
Wow, bit expensive !! Anyone else know if I can get one for less than £100?
Wow, bit expensive !! Anyone else know if I can get one for less than £100?

You MIGHT find a disc cheaper……………but will it be genuine? And Alfie/Richard know what they are doing and contactable if you encountered a problem with installation which is something you probably won't be able to do with a disc vendor.

What price is peace of mind?
Thanks for that, found the ebay listing, just gonna ask him what the reserve is.
Nice, if you read the eBay listing he says he bought it from who won't take it back as they only sell backup copies now.

So bought it, copied it, sold it to the eBay chap, and are now selling "backup" copies for £25

Saying that, the one on the advert looks genuine, so chance for a cheap one there. But check that it is the "2013/2014 Final Edition" - resolution of the images isn't quite good enough for me to see.

OK, dont bother with that ebay listing, as above, he clearly says where he bought it from so it is not a genuine DX CD. There are many others on ebay if you have a look. Or just bite the bullet and contact comand who will only sell you a genuine CD.

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