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Feb 2, 2011
SL 300-24
Hi folks

I have had my car - 1991 R129 300-24 - for a year now. I have enjoyed it and it works for me as I work from home and only need a car for pottering about occasionally, two or three times a week. Almost exactly 3,000 miles in the year. (it's predecessor, a C270cdi est was doing over 20k a year, but times have changed)

I am tempted to upgrade to a newer one, and maybe the V8. I dread the day my other half notices there are no airbags in this one and I like the look of the panoramic roof. But the current roof is easy to flip off and store on a stand, and it sounds like the pano would be a much bigger problem.

I have vague plans for a tour of Scotland and Brittany, so a newer car might (and might not) be more reliable.

Ho Hum. Just sharing my thoughts. Anyone else been down this route?


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