Terrible headlights - recommendations for bulbs?

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Not all LED bulbs are terrible in reflectors designed for filament bulbs, mostly just the cheap ones but the difficulty is finding a set that give a decent beam pattern and more light and have that light in the places you want it, you can spend hours on You Tube selecting the ones you want.

Any halogen bulb over the stock wattage is technically illegal anyway so having LEDs in there wouldn't bother me any more than having uprated bulbs normal would.

If your lights are really bad and the car is over ten years old then replacing the wiring can often make quite a difference if it's degraded, I have had several older cars that benefited from running new power direct from the battery via a fused relay and using the old wiring just to trigger the relay.
For what its worth, I put nightbreakers in our Hyundai i10 as the standard ones were dreadful. They transformed it and its lights are really good now. The first set lasted 2 years, but when one went it took out the other. Second set now in their second year so probably time for some more soon! Bit of a pfaff to change as modern cars seem to have no space. Had to remove the headlamp unit, which to be fair, isn't that much of a problem once you know how they work.
I've thought about changing the standard bulbs in the (partial LED) W212 but havn't investigated the difficulty in getting to the bulbs and the standard ones aren't that bad, just a different colour to the dipped.
Anybody had any experience of changing bulbs in the W212 E class?

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