Tesco Internet Dual Phone by Siemens - Wireless DECT phone

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May 29, 2005
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I purchased two Tesco Internet Dual phone when these were on sale at £60 (down from £89.99) for my daughter and grandparents (abroad) to use while daughter is at University.

Turns out that daughter's university will not allow a router to be used (presumably to prevent the internet service in the halls of residence to be shared by multiple students) which means these phones cannot be used as they require an ethernet port to work.

These are wireless DECT dual phone which means that they can accept a landline AS WELL as an ethernet connectiion (not usb as does not require a PC to be on to use the internet phone feature). We are already using one ourselves and on the Tesco world package at £8.50 World plan (unlimited UK calls as well as 30 other counteries as far away as Austriala) and very pleased with it and the call quality. As we have broadband internet connection, we also have a BT lineland which means we can have all our phone connections under one unit.

I will be returning these phones to Tesco next week unless someone wants to grab one or both off me at cost. These are brand new units in sealed box (need to tear off pull away tab to break open the box).

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